Western Amateur Radio Friendship Association


"Communicating With The World Through Friendship"
on 3908khz Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8pm PT (standard or daylight) 
and on D-Star at 7pm PT on reflector 74c

Established in 1976, this group of amateur radio operators started as a RV owning fishing group. They would visit various locations in California and drop their lines for that big catch.

The latest......

(11/18) Tentatively there will be no net on Thanksgiving evening (11/22). All are welcome to participate in an informal roundtable if desired.

(11/17) All log format lists are now cought up.

(7/3) Starting with July 8th, the WARFA D-STAR net will start at 7pm PST PDT. The HF net start time will not be effected.

(6/13) For easier access starting with June 2018, the net logs are in reverse chronological order with the latest net logs for both Word and plain text lists at the top.