Western Amateur Radio Friendship Association


"Communicating With The World Through Friendship"
on 3908khz Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8pm PT (standard or daylight) 
and on D-Star at 7pm PT on reflector 74c

Established in 1976, this group of amateur radio operators started as a RV owning fishing group. They would visit various locations in California and drop their lines for that big catch.

The latest......

(10/12) Between October 14th and November 15th, only the PLAIN TEXT version of the net logs will be updated. After the 17th of November, all log versions will be caught up. Pleae expect posting delays during the 10/12-11/17 period. Sorry for the inconvience.

(7/3) Starting with July 8th, the WARFA D-STAR net will start at 7pm PST PDT. The HF net start time will not be effected.

(6/13) For easier access starting with June 2018, the net logs are in reverse chronological order with the latest net logs for both Word and plain text lists at the top.

(5/12) The Spring 2018 Retreat is now history. Video hightlights now on the past retreat page..

(4/13) Former late night broadcaster, creater of the national sindicated program Coast to Coast AM, fellow amateur radio operator, and WARFA member Art Bell, W6OBB became a silent key unexpectedly . Details on the HEALTH WELFARE page.