Western Amateur Radio Friendship Association


"Communicating With The World Through Friendship"
on 3908khz Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8pm PT (standard or daylight) 
and on D-Star at 7pm PT Sundays and Tuesdays on reflector 74c

DMR 7pm PT Thursdays On OMIK's Talk Group 31661

Established in 1976, this group of amateur radio operators started as a RV owning fishing group. They would visit various locations in California and drop their lines for that big catch.

The latest......

02/10- The 7pm net is now conducted on Thursday's using DMR. The D-star net will continue on Sunday and Tuesdays.

02/07 - Health & Welfare page has been updated with the status of Norma Law

01/03 - A tentative date has been set for the Spring 2019 retreat. Go to the Future Retreat page for details..


As many of you know Warfa has a digital net that meets each Sun-Tues and Thurs, one hour prior to the HF net. This allows those who wish to QSY and join the Net. The future of our hobby lies in the World of Digital Communications. This is happening for a number of reasons, such as equipment, location (HOA) etc. Computerization of equipment, systems etc. Discussions of this nature take place on the Net at each Session. We hope this information will encourage all of us to visit the Net. Till next time!

73’s, Roger, N6BPA, Warfa Net Controller, on Reflector 074C.